S.O.R.D. is the New Standard of Rapid Extraction

Disasters Fires Accidents Acts of Terror

S.O.R.D. is Superior Backup for Rescuers

S.O.R.D. IS TRUE RAPID EXTRACTION The S.O.R.D.’s simple design speeds the rescue process.  Common emergency extraction equipment can be too slow, require too many personnel and be potentially unsafe.  The S.O.R.D. overcomes all these limitations.
HIGH PORTABILITY  Because of its small size and light weight, the S.O.R.D. is always with the rescuer—no more waiting for a stretcher or gurney.  Rescuers can extract a victim or downed colleague with the S.O.R.D. in 12 seconds!  No more fumbling with buckles, belts, snaps or straps. And many extractions may require only one rescuer.
REDUCED WORKMAN’S COMP  The S.O.R.D.’s design eliminates factors leading to most rescuer back injuries suffered during extractions.  But just as important, the victim is far more protected than with traditional equipment.  He is also fully encapsulated and ready for transport.  This reduces injuries during transitions from stretcher to gurney to ambulance to emergency room.
THE FUTURE IS NOW  The S.O.R.D. is your life saving invitation to the future of quick, safe and versatile extraction.  Used by emergency services across the nation, it is fast becoming  standard equipment for first responders.