The S.O.R.D. Elite



The body of the S.O.R.D. Elite is made of 100% Non-Ballistic Kevlar, with all-Kevlar webbing and thread.  It measures 60” x 60” and comes with a carry bag that has two accessory pockets.  It is reversible and non-directional for quick deployment even in challenging emergencies.  Its light weight and small size mean the S.O.R.D. Elite in its carry bag is always at the rescuer’s side and ready for action.

APPLICATIONS: Use the S.O.R.D. Elite to drag, carry and lift victims.  It will support lifting a victim to any height.  The S.O.R.D. Elite is safe for all carry-and-lift operations, including roof, window and airborne extractions.  Dead lift limit: 4350 lbs.


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