S.O.R.D. Instructional Videos

SORD Introduction

An introduction to the S.O.R.D., its capabilities and its uses for first responders in hazardous situations.


Two Man Drag

The first responders are demonstrating a two-man drag using the S.O.R.D.

Two Man Carry

The first responders demonstrate how to carry an injured person using the S.O.R.D.

Three to Four Man Carry

In this video you are shown how to use four first responders to carry an injured person.

The Ladder Carry

You are shown how to use the S.O.R.D. to transport an injured person down a ladder while wearing equipment.

Confined Space

How to use the S.O.R.D. in a confined space to save injured personnel.

Extraction Wrap

What to do when lowering and hoisting someone from a hazardous situation using the S.O.R.D.

Active Shooter

How to use the S.O.R.D. in an active shooter scenario.